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About us

Flying is our passion! That’s why our employees give their hearts and souls to each flight. Would you like to get off to a flying start at Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium?

Our company values

Our company values serve as a guiding principle for our daily activities and show how we should behave in certain situations.

The following values are central to our collaboration:

    • Being successful as a team
    • Putting the customer first
    • Consulting with colleagues
    • Working in a result-oriented manner
    • Acting honourably
We are successful as a team

We help and trust each other and we work together like one large, strong team that is active worldwide.

We put the customer first

It is our task to offer our customers the best with high-quality products, lots of flexibility and many options. At the same time we provide innovation so that we can continue to satisfy the needs and desires of our customers in the future.

We consult with our colleagues

We know that our employees are decisive for the success of Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium and the parent company Thomas Cook. We stimulate and inspire each other, develop ideas together and ensure clarity about our strategic direction.

We work in a result-oriented manner

We tenaciously try to achieve our goals. We strive for success with courage and determination. We make well-founded, goal-oriented and solid, long-term decisions based on facts; we also bear responsibility for these decisions.

We act honourably

We have high standards in the area of ethics and transparency, which we apply in our activities and when dealing with customers, partner companies, stakeholders and colleagues. We keep our promises and place importance on honesty, justice and trust.