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Hand baggage

About hand baggage: Here, you can find out how much hand baggage you're allowed take on your Thomas Cook Airlines flight free of charge and everything else you need to know about this subject.

All customers with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Thomas Cook Airlines safety team has banned any carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices from all our flights, as both checked luggage and also hand luggage. This follows reports of them burning up and also the US aviation authorities taking a similar step for US flights this weekend.

This ban does not apply to the Samsung Galaxy 7 phone, which is a different device and has not suffered the problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

General Terms and Conditions

The dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm apply to each item of hand baggage and may not be exceeded.

The amount of hand baggage you are allowed to bring into the cabin on your Thomas Cook Airlines flight depends on the flight class you have booked.

In addition to hand baggage, a small handbag, a laptop/tablet including the case and an umbrella may be taken into the cabin free of charge. Hand baggage is carried in addition to the checked-in free baggage allowance.

For safety reasons, hand baggage may be weighed if there is reason to believe that it exceeds the maximum limit for hand baggage. For safety reasons, the cabin crew must stow excess, unpermitted items of baggage in the cargo hold with the other checked baggage. If the permitted hand baggage allowance is exceeded, excess baggage fees will be charged.

Hand baggage for adults (and children 2 years and over)*

Economy Class

  • 1 piece of baggage
  • Size: max.
    max. 55 x 40 x 20 cm

PLUS Package

  • 1 piece of baggage
  • Size: max.
    max. 55 x 40 x 20 cm

With restrictions:

* Infants under 2 years of age are not entitled to hand baggage, separate free baggage allowance provisions do apply.
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Which items are allowed in your hand baggage?

Pointed and sharp objects

Pointed or sharp objects such as knives or scissors are not allowed in your hand baggage!

Rules on Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAG)

The rules on liquids, aerosols and gels apply to all flights departing from airports in the European Union, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, the United States and Canada. Please note that other countries outside the EU have also adapted their regulations.

“Liquids, aerosols and gels” (LAGs) include pastes, lotions, liquid mixtures containing solids as well as the contents of pressurized containers such as toothpaste, hair gel, beverages, soups, syrup, perfume, shaving foam or cream, and other items with a similar consistency. Restricted amounts of these may be taken into the aircraft cabin under the following conditions:

  • Containers with liquids and similar products may only hold up to 100 ml (based on the maximum filling volume printed on the item).
  • All of the individual containers must be transported together in a single, transparent and resealable plastic bag (e.g. standard ‘zip closure’ bags) with a maximum capacity of one litre.
  • One bag per person!
  • The bag must be presented separately at the security checkpoint.

We advise you to purchase these plastic bags in advance and pack the LAGs that you want to carry in your hand baggage before you leave home.

Medication and special dietary products (e.g. baby food) needed on board during the flight can be carried outside the plastic bag. These items must also be presented at the security checkpoint. When asked to do so, passengers must be able to demonstrate that the LAGs are actually the items covered by the exemption (e.g. by showing a prescription for medication).

If items and bags do not comply with the specified size, you will not be allowed to take them on board the aircraft.

Duty Free items (such as beverages or cosmetic items) that were bought on the day of the flight in the airport Duty Free zone or on board an aircraft can be carried in a sealed bag, provided it contains the receipt or proof of purchase.

Thomas Cook Airlines has no influence over these legal regulations and advises passengers to take them into consideration when planning their trip, and to limit their hand baggage to the essential necessities.

You will find more information on the Brussels Airport website.