Check-in at the airport

You check-in at the airport via our check-in counter.

NOTIX - flying without a ticket

Internet booking

If you book via the Internet then your booking is automatically executed without a ticket. It works like this:

  • After completing the online booking you’ll receive a booking confirmation from Thomas Cook Airlines. You must print this booking confirmation.
  • A booking confirmation will also be sent to the e-mail address that you entered under your personal details.

If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail, please contact our Contact Center +32 (0) 2 400 34 22.

For check-ins with NOTIX you need the booking confirmation and a valid ID card or passport for every passenger including children and infants (be sure to comply with the visa rules and travel advice for your destination). You can also check-in online with NOTIX in advance.

Important note:Consult our check-in closure times for all outbound and return flights. If you do not have a boarding pass at the specified time then the airline has the right to assign your seat to a different passenger.

Adhere to the applicable regulations related to hand baggage, free baggage allowance, excess baggage and to the instructions for using electronic devices on board our Thomas Cook Airlines aeroplanes.