On board

Food & beverages

Find out about our in-flight catering in Economy class on short- and mediumhaul flights.

Food and beverages on board

In-flight catering is not included in the fare in Economy class on short- and medium-haul routes (zones 1-2).

You can reserve our tasty meals in advance. We’ll spoil you with a snack to tide you over starting at just €5.99, with our Standard menu as a breakfast or pasta dish, or with a delicious 3-course Premium meal of your choice.

We are also happy to serve you our Premium Menus in the form of special variations for children, vegetarians or vegans, or as lactose or gluten-free menus.

You can enjoy an in-flight drink with us at a great price. You’ll find the drinks menu, with full information and prices, in your seat pocket.

It pays to order your meal in advance! You’ll benefit from our advantageous early-booker prices.