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Airbus A320-200

You'll find all of the details and specifications about the Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium Airbus A320 as well as the seat map for this aircraft type here.

Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium has been bringing passengers to the most beautiful holiday destinations around the Mediterranean, on the Canary Islands and in Egypt since 2002. Every year approximately one million people fly with Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium to about 40 destinations in Europe and Africa.

Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium has been part of the Thomas Cook Group Airlines, which includes Thomas Cook Airlines UK, Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia and the German company Condor, since 2013.

The Thomas Cook Group fleet consists of 89 modern and environmentally-friendly aircraft. The Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium fleet consists of five Airbus A320s. The Belgian fleet is serviced by the experienced “Group Maintenance Organisation (GMO)” of the Thomas Cook Airlines Group.

Every airline in the Thomas Cook Group meets the strictest safety standards and guarantees reliable and professional service. The experienced team of Belgian pilots and crew members ensures top service on board. Our employees focus on each and every passenger and do all they can to get our guests' holidays off to a good start.

Airbus A320-200

The five Airbus A320-200 aircraft are used for Thomas Cook Airlines short-haul and medium-haul flights to the most popular holiday destinations in Europe and North Africa.

Technical specifications of the Airbus A320-200


5 aircraft


Airbus Industries Toulouse, France


1 captain, 1 co-pilot, 4 flight attendants


180 seats
Bookable XL-Seats with more leg room 13 ABC/DEF


Take-off 270 km/h, cruising speed 840 km/h, landing 220 km/h

Maximum flying altitude:

11,918 m


4,630 km


General Electric CFM56-5A3

Fuel capacity:

23,859 l


16,200 kg


37.57 m


11.76 m


34.10 metres

Width of cabin:

3.70 m

Video monitors:

In every 3rd row on the cabin ceiling