Payment options

Bank Transfer

You can also easily and conveniently pay for your online booking by bank transfer.

What do I need to know when paying by bank transfer?

We offer the bank transfer payment option for travel booked at least 20 days in advance. Please note that the total fare must be paid immediately and in full by bank transfer. Otherwise, Thomas Cook Airlines is entitled to cancel the flight reservation pursuant to the usual terms of cancellation for the selected rate. Once the reservation has been cancelled, Thomas Cook Airlines is no longer obliged to transport the passenger.

A bank transfer made from a foreign country (the customer’s bank account is located outside of Germany) is only possible if all of the fees incurred for the international bank transfer are paid by the customer (payment remitter) and the transfer is denominated in euros. Otherwise, i.e. in the case of non-compliance with these provisions, Thomas Cook Airlines is entitled to charge the customer for the costs incurred and/or any exchange rate differences. Thomas Cook Airlines charges a fee of 3.00 EUR for payments made by bank transfer.